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Explosion and Fire Protection Consultancy

Working with CoalMillSafety✓ will help achieving compliance with the ATEX Directives, EN Norms and NFPA Standards
We help operators of coal, lignite and petcoke grinding systems to make production of cement and lime products SAFE✓

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Coal grinding systems have wrongs in fire and explosion protection due to purchasing process: See here why.

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We Offer Assistance in Fire and Explosion Protection-Related Tender Specification

Coal grinding systems as part of a new production line

In the case you intend to realise (buy) a new cement production line, the top decision-makers will not discuss the coal grinding system in length. In the overall situation it isn’t that important.

A requirement package, which will, of course, demand a safe system to be realised by the supplier, will be decided upon. For this, a set of fire and explosion safety-related requirements will be found quickly, as something that has been created before, wherever, by whomever.

In the package, standards and guidelines to be complied with will be listed. Eventually things will, on that basis, largely be left to the suppliers, who will be expected to do “the necessary”. This is where things tend to go wrong.

Coal grinding systems as replacement of existing equipment or as addition to a gas or oil-fired production line

In case you intend to realise a new coal grinding system independently from the realisation of a new cement line, a similar requirement package will be part of the contract. Even if the coal grinding system now stands in the centre of the discussion with the supplier(s), the discussions will normally not lead to a result that differs from the case described before.

Don’t allow your supplier to find a coal grinding system design of a long ago past

Normally, an existing design which has been used in the past and fulfils the actual production-related requirements will be dug out and used. This design will then typically be 30 or 40 years old. There is not much movement in the development of the design of coal grinding systems.

These designs carry forward old faults and often burden you with unnecessary needs for materials of construction for which your side has to pay, when your supplier only supplies drawings.

Let CoalMillSafety✓ help you discuss your next coal mill system with your supplier as to result in a fresh approach, but on the basis of reliable, proven process equipment configurations. Work with a professionally prepared tender specification. Make this specification part of the contract with your supplier.

This recommendation is valid for your cooperation with ANY SUPPLIER, WHEREEVER IN THE WORLD!

Start with this before the purchasing process is too far down the road by sending a GA drawing to CoalMillSafety✓. CoalMillSafety✓ will comment the GA free of charge. You will be surprised!

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