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Explosion and Fire Protection Consultancy

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Coal grinding systems have wrongs in fire and explosion protection due to purchasing process: See here why.


Ideas on Emergency Inerting

Achim Rott, robecco, describes the mechanics behind emergency inerting systems, explaining the correct procedures to ensure the buildup of combustible dust does not lead to fires and explosions.

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Emergency inerting systems are preventive explosion protection technologies that prevent the ignition of fires and dust explosions and thus reduce the occurrence of hazardous incidents. These systems are (mostly) fixed standby systems used in order to avoid dust explosions and to suffocate and extinguish smouldering or glowing fires of combustible dust in silos, coal mills, bag houses, or similar aggregates by creating an inert atmosphere. In case of a CH4, CO, O₂, or temperature alarm the inerting process is initiated automatically by an independent PLC. Constant and reliable CH4, CO, O₂, and temperature measurements are absolutely necessary.

Originally published in World Cement, March 2023.