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Explosion and Fire Protection Consultancy

Working with CoalMillSafety✓ will help achieving compliance with the ATEX Directives, EN Norms and NFPA Standards
We help operators of coal, lignite and petcoke grinding systems to make production of cement and lime products SAFE✓

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Coal grinding systems have wrongs in fire and explosion protection due to purchasing process: See here why.

How to get your coal grinding system correctly protected? You will be surprised about what has gone wrong with fire and explosion protection of your system(s). Be sure about that! Evaluation of a coal grinding system’s fire and explosion protection, including the raw coal storage and the fine coal silo storage normally can be done in one day, mostly without having to stop coal grinding.

The evaluation will be done by way of touring the plant, making photos and having interviews with the people responsible for the operation. This will result in a comprehensive illustrated report and complete recommendations with explanations for necessary corrections. Ask for a free-of-charge offer indicating your airport.

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Our Partners: Thorwesten Vent and robecco

Thorwesten Vent GmbH, our partner for constructional explosion protection
Thorwesten Vent GmbH, our partner for constructional explosion protection

With a shared commitment to innovation and safety, CoalMillSafety✓ partners with Thorwesten Vent GmbH and robecco GmbH and helps the industry to get safety into their solid fuel handling and processing.

Our Partner for Constructional Explosion Protection: Thorwesten Vent GmbH

Thorwesten Vent

This company shares premises, fabrication facilities and and know-how with its sister company Silobau Thorwesten GmbH.

Many years ago the production of explosion pressure shock resistant silos for pulverized fuels has led to also specialise in constructional explosion protection. Initially, the focus was on explosion doors for silos for pulverized fuels. Later, explosion doors for the more demanding protection of coal grinding systems with their mill-to-bagfilter riser ducts by means of explosion de-coupling and for explosion venting for bagfilters became part of the scope of Thorwesten Vent’s production scope.

This development has led to Thorwesten Vent becoming a highly specialised separate company.

Our Partner for Preventive Explosion Protection: robecco GmbH


Preventive explosion protection needs instrumentation and emergency inerting facilities. As producer of electrical control systems robecco GmbH has a long experience with gas analysers and the electrical controls of inerting gas distribution systems.

The company supplies and installs complete CO₂ and N₂ emergency inerting systems, including the gas cylinder racks, storage tanks, evaporator and pipe connections.

Please, read the following publications by robecco:

Ideas on Emergency Inerting

Comparison: CO₂ inerting – CO₂ fire extinguishing

Turnkey Safety Concepts for Preventive Explosion Protection

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robecco GmbH, our partner for preventive explosion protection
robecco GmbH, our partner for preventive explosion protection