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Explosion and Fire Protection Consultancy

Working with CoalMillSafety✓ will help achieving compliance with the ATEX Directives, EN Norms and NFPA Standards
We help operators of coal, lignite and petcoke grinding systems to make production of cement and lime products SAFE✓

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Coal grinding systems have wrongs in fire and explosion protection due to purchasing process: See here why.

Basis for correct protection

The purchasing process for coal grinding systems needs changes

The suppliers certainly are not wrongly describing and designing their incorrectly protected system designs on purpose. They don’t know better when they are doing it. But things are going wrong. Read more →

Baghouse Safety by Design

While cement industry's present focus on decarbonisation and the use of coal is expected to decrease, the attention paid to the correct design of fire and explison measures in coal grinding systems is expected to reach alarmingly low levels. Read more →

Fire and explosion protection of coal grinding systems. Where are we today?

With ‘everybody’ in the cement industry focussing decarbonisation, but with coal grinding systems still being used in the foreseeable future, the topic dealt with here must not be shoved into the background. There is a serious need for change here too. Read more →

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