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Explosion and Fire Protection Consultancy

Working with CoalMillSafety✓ will help achieving compliance with the ATEX Directives, EN Norms and NFPA Standards
We help operators of coal, lignite and petcoke grinding systems to make production of cement and lime products SAFE✓

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Coal grinding systems have wrongs in fire and explosion protection due to purchasing process: See here why.

Act NOW to make your system safe!


This website has been specially developed for operators of coal, lignite and petcoke grinding systems for the production of cement and lime products. Asking <a href=''>CoalMillSafety✓</a> for assistance is a good idea both in the early stage of planning and when a system is already in operation. Should you be in doubt about the correct fire and explosion protection of your system, you very likely are right. Read more →

A coal grinding system with a mill-to-bag house riser duct (marked with red line) that is very long. Through it, unmitigated flame front propagation could reach a velocity too high for the installed protection to effectively protect the bag house.